The Little River Band of Ottawa Indians (LRBOI) plans to develop a casino in its southern tribal territory in Muskegon County. The proposed gaming site is at the former Great Lakes Downs racetrack site in Fruitport Township. A casino would be a great addition to Muskegon County’s numerous tourist attractions. With its largest population base in the Muskegon region, the Tribe’s goals are job creation and economic development.

The proposed Tribal casino is expected to generate more than 1,100 jobs, resulting in a $400 million investment. The Tribe is planning to place 60 acres of its 233-acre site in Fruitport Township in a “trust” for casino development. The rest of the property will be used for a hotel, restaurants, stores and entertainment venues. Read more.

A Tribal casino would be an economic catalyst for the region and for Michigan, and will:

  • Create an estimated 418 indirect construction jobs
  • Create an estimated 755 direct jobs with an average pay of $40,000, plus benefits
  • $100 million LRBOI investment will encourage growth
  • Provide a steady flow of revenue for the Michigan School Aid Fund
  • Insure that a Muskegon tribal casino would contribute to state and local revenues at the highest rate of any tribal casino in the state
  • Will expand year-round tourism (See the Muskegon Chronicle editorial)

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Become a Muskegon Jobs Now supporter. We have the support of local businesses, union trade leaders, local officials, local school, to those who want a job. We can’t continue to let outside casino interests delay Muskegon jobs. We need your voice to bring jobs to Muskegon Now.

You can help move the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians’ casino project forward. There is only one person who can approve a Muskegon casino – Governor Rick Snyder. We encourage you to email him, send him a letter, call his office, post on his Facebook page, or send him a tweet today and tell him that Muskegon needs the jobs a new casino would bring.

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Muskegon Jobs Now

The need for jobs in the Muskegon region has never been greater. We need to restore jobs so families can stay in the region. The Tribe’s proposed casino project, as casinos have in other communities, would certainly play a vital role in bringing new jobs and business opportunities to the area.

Unfortunately, Lansing is playing politics with jobs. The process has been stalled in the Michigan Legislature. Most of the opposition comes from other casinos, including one tribal casino that currently doesn’t contribute any revenues to the state. These casinos just don’ want competition. We can’t continue to let outside casino interests stop jobs from coming here to the Muskegon County region.

This is a $400 million investment in Muskegon County when applying the multiple effect. Projects like this don’t come around very often.


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